18 July 2016

On Tour with Xpresso Book Tours

This week I'm on tour with Xpresso Book Tours!  I've got a busy week ahead rockin' the block with these amazing book blogs. Follow along via the Xpresso tour page or check in via my Facebook and Twitter profiles.

During the tour, I'm offering two $10 Amazon gift cards through Xpresso Book Tours. Enter below or visit one of my many tour stops this week.

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13 July 2016

Get The Compendium & Enter to WIN a Paperback 3-Pack

Available July 13th!
Release day for The Compendium is here! If you pre-ordered, thank you for supporting this labour of love. If not, now's the time to grab a copy. If you enjoyed In Irina's Cards, you can dive right back into the story now.

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I'm also stoked to share the winner of the Clockwork Cameo Angel. Congratulations to Cindy Murehead!

Summer readers have one more thing to snap up from my desk. I'm giving away a 3-pack of my first YA titles, Watching July, Best Laid Plans, and Stalked. Enter at the widget below or over on my Facebook page. Good luck!

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04 July 2016

Theme Thoughts: Terraforming as literal idea and metaphor

The Variant Conspiracy novels are a blend of paranormal and science fiction. Although I prefer plausibility in my sci-fi stories, sometimes an adventure/romance plot on an epic scale is going to tread into grandiose territory. With concepts like terraforming. Although in the case of The Variant Conspiracy, the transformation isn't of another planet into something Earth-like, the plan is to remake Earth into an alien world.

The purpose of villain Ivan Krylov's master plan - The Compendium - is to make Earth inhabitable only for mutants, more closely resembling his home planet. So The Compendium is his outline for a complex network of biological and geographic changes to our world.

While the scope of the story doesn't dive deep into the scientific viability of such an endeavor, real world practices from fracking to genetic engineering are threaded into the plot.

But I'm also interested in terraforming as a metaphor for the angst felt by disadvantaged demographics at the competition for resources (environmental and financial) crucial to a decent quality of life. If you come to believe that no amount of hard work will help you build the life you want, the proverbial zombie apocalypse starts to look better - hence the popularity of zombie stories in pop culture. For someone bitter and jaded from a hard life, the thought might occur, "Why not wipe the slate clean for everyone else if I stand no chance of being happy?"

Most of all, I'm curious to hear what readers think on the subject. What do you think about when you read stories with terraforming in the plot? Too 'out there' for you or does it set your mental wheels turning?

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